The benefits of waxing your car after a wash

Posted on 17 January, 2022 15:13:51

It’s common knowledge that you should be washing your car on a consistent basis – even better if you leave the job to the professionals! But do you ever wax your car? Do you know why it’s important? Although you probably don’t need to wax your car every single time you get a wash, you should consider adding it on to your car wash every couple of months – you may be surprised by the difference it makes. To help you understand the importance of car waxing, here are our favourite perks of a high quality car wax.

Protect your car

The main benefit of waxing your car is that it protects your paintwork from being scratched or chipped. Even the most careful driver will inevitably find small scratches and chips on their car’s paint if they don’t invest in regular waxes. The wax will put an extra barrier of protection between the paintwork and any projectiles that can cause damage, like small rocks and pebbles, jacket zippers, keys and other objects that may scrape against your car. The right wax can also protect your paintwork against damaging UV rays that can cause fading or discolouration.

Fill in existing damage

If your car has already sustained damage to its paintwork, waxing unfortunately can’t remove or repair the damage. However, the wax will work to fill in and seal the chips and scratches to prevent further harm. It will also greatly improve the look of your car, slightly hiding small imperfections.

Get a good-as-new gleam

One of the most popular benefits of car waxing is the incredible gleam it gives your vehicle. Although a thorough wash can get your car looking clean, the new-car sparkle comes from waxing; it causes the paintwork to really pop and makes it shine in the sunlight by giving it a glossy appearance.

Save some time and energy

Waxing saves time down the track because it actually makes the car easier to clean. Because it provides a protective layer between your car’s paint and outdoor elements, you won’t find yourself scrubbing at dirt and grime like you would without a wax. Washes are easier and faster when your car has a layer of wax on it – plus, you may even save yourself money without having to invest in heavy duty cleaning products to help with the stubborn spots of dirt.

We get that not everyone has the time to wash and wax their car themselves – that’s why we’re here. To keep your car in the best possible condition, find your closest Magic Hand Carwash location and pay us a visit today. While you relax and enjoy a barista-made coffee, we’ll make sure your car remains looking as good as the day you bought it.

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