Preparing your car to bring home your newborn

Posted on 17 January, 2022 15:28:47

Welcoming home the newest member of your family is a special, exciting time – but it can also be extremely daunting, especially if you’re a first time parent. The key is to take the process step-by-step, which begins with preparing for the little one’s arrival. While baby proofing your home and setting up a nursery are two of the most important aspects of baby preparation, readying your car is equally as crucial. Here are our best tips for setting up a safe, comfortable and healthy environment for your newborn in your car.

1. Don’t leave the car seat until the last minute

The single most important factor when setting up your car for your newborn is the car seat. We can’t stress how vital it is to prepare this well ahead of time. Once you’ve bought your baby seat, installing it in your car and learning how it works is essential. Our best advice is to get the seat professionally fitted into your car. This will save you a whole lot of stress and anxiety once your baby comes into the world and you’re eager to bring them home. Practice how to secure your baby in the seat and take them out until you really get the hang of it. This will ensure not only the baby’s comfort and safety, but also your peace of mind.

2. Create a clean environment

Germs and bacteria can be potentially lethal to a newborn baby. Eliminate any risk by making sure the interior of your car is clean and germ-free ahead of the big day. The best way to guarantee a spotless vehicle is by trusting the experts; professional car cleaners can steam clean your car’s interior and make sure it’s free of anything harmful. Steam cleaning is a great option because it doesn’t utilise toxic chemicals that could irritate your infant or make them sick.

3. Consider tinting your windows

Babies are very sensitive to temperature changes, so be aware that the sun beating down on your newborn through the car window can cause discomfort or even sickness. Window tinting is a simple way to make sure your baby has relief from the heat while in their car seat. Window coverings are another option – however, you will need to choose window coverings that won’t harm your child if they fall off during an accident. If you opt for window coverings, you should also look for ones that your baby can’t easily entangle themselves in. While tinting and coverings are both viable options, tinting represents the safer choice.

4. Keep a baby care kit in your vehicle

Keep handy a small array of baby essentials: extra nappies, changing pads, cleaning cloths or baby-safe disinfectant wipes and spare clothing. This will keep your baby happy, your car clean and your stress levels down. We also recommend bringing your car in for regular washes to ensure the safest, cleanest possible environment for your newborn.

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