How To Keep Your Car Hygienic & Spotless

Posted on 18 November, 2020 17:31:25

Whether you’re still using your car to drive to work every day, or only using it sparingly for trips to the supermarket and other essential services, with COVID-19 cases still active in Australia, you should be taking extra care with cleaning your car. More importantly, you should be ensuring that you clean and sanitise your vehicle after each use. Here are our top 3 tips on how to give your car a deep clean and keep it hygienic.

Let’s talk about cleanliness…

Cleaning and disinfecting our cars is not something we do on a regular basis. Sure, you might wash it on the weekends, and give it a bit of a vacuum when you think about it, but chances are you don’t really think about the types of bacteria that can build up in your car. And this happens all year round, not just during flu season or a global pandemic. Because of these important health issues, we’re washing and sanitising our hands more regularly and more thoroughly. This is a great start, but, when was the last time you thoroughly cleaned and wiped down the surfaces of your car interior?

You touch your car all the time, just like you touch door handles, elevator buttons or the checkout at the supermarket. Germs and bacteria can spread so easily from things we touch even before you get into your car. Then once you’re in, you continue to touch and spread these throughout. The news is a stark reminder of how quickly and easily some viruses and bacteria can spread. So, there’s never been a better time to look at how clean your car is, and what measures you can take to more clean it more effectively and hygienically.

cleaning your car

1. Find The Right Wipes

The very first step is to get yourself some germ-killing wipes. Now, it’s very important to note that you need to be careful about the cleaning materials that you choose. Whatever you do, DO NOT clean your car with harsh chemicals like bleach and household cleaners. These can ruin your interiors and the screens on your dashboard. These items are quite delicate compared to the surfaces in your home. Have a chat with your local auto accessories store, who should be able to show you the correct and most hygienic wipes for car cleaning.

2. Time To Clean

Now that you have the cleaning products, it’s also a good idea to put on some personal protective gear including gloves, a face mask and eye protection. Now you can get started on wiping down the surfaces that you (the driver) and your passengers touch. These include the gear shift, steering wheel, radio dials, door handles, power window controls, armrests, cup holders, and seatbelts.

Once the interior is done, you can get cleaning the outside of your door, the door handles, the petrol cover, and even your car keys or fob.  While cleaning the inside of your car, it’s also a good idea to clean your air vents because bacteria love to grow where there is moisture. Make sure your car is well ventilated, and fresh air is regularly coming in from outside so it’s not just being reticulated. This is especially important if someone in your car has been sick or has flu-like symptoms.

3. Staying Clean & Fresh

Once your car has been thoroughly cleaned, there are a few simple things you can do to keep things spotless, clean and sanitised. We recommend keeping hand sanitiser in your car because it’s great to use when hopping back into the car after being out and about. It’s also a good idea to keep wipes in your car to continuously clean your steering wheel and the other interiors of your car every time you get in.

Of course, there is an easier way to maintain your car cleanliness – leave it to the professionals, like the experts here at Magic Hand Carwash who will wash your car inside and out. When you visit one of our sites, you’ll even enjoy free interior sanitisation with every wash. Find your nearest Magic location, drop by to visit us and then enjoy a clean and sanitised car.


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