How To Care For Leather Car Interiors

Posted on 25 January, 2021 19:38:08

While there may be plenty of information on the internet about caring for your interior, most of it is written by people with little experience. Here, our professional detailers offer some expert advice on ensuring the hot Australian sun doesn’t warp and weather your leather interior.


This is an important step that can be overlooked by at-home detailers. It’s essential to get any dirt, sand or rubbish out from the seat cracks before you start to polish or clean it. While the granules are small, they can cause damage to your seats by scratching or breaking through the protective surface. Use a soft brush head attachment to avoid scratching the interior with your vacuum.


Apply a good quality leather cleaner to your seats with a soft-bristled brush. Focus on the areas that get the most use in order to remove any marks or dirt. Make sure that you spot test your leather cleaner in an area that’s not obviously visible to ensure that it doesn’t cause discolouration. If you’re making your own at home cleaner, mixing two parts vinegar and one part water is the standard solution. A soft-bristled toothbrush can serve as a makeshift cleaning brush. If you have a bad stain, you’ll need to lightly agitate the leather to lift it. When you’re finished cleaning, wipe the seats dry with a soft microfibre cloth then let them air dry.

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Leather conditioner should be applied evenly across the seat and rubbed in with a microfibre cloth. You don’t want to let the solution sit on your seats, so take the time to ensure it’s absorbed gently, switching to a new cloth if one gets too damp. This step is what will keep your leather soft and prevent it from cracking or breaking in the sun. Avoid petroleum products that can cause build-up on your leather. You can wipe away any extra product with a fresh microfibre cloth and let the seats dry naturally for a few hours.


It’s crucial that leather interiors are cleaned and conditioned regularly. We suggest quarterly, but at a minimum, you should repeat this process twice a year. Australia’s intense sun and harsh UV rays can wreak havoc with your leather if it’s left to dry out. Consistent upkeep will mean that you have beautiful, soft leather seats for years to come.

With a clean leather interior, you’ll feel like you’re cruising the streets in a new car. While it can be a bit of work, looking after your leather seats is worth it. If your weekends are set aside for relaxing, bring your car to the professionals at your local Magic Hand Carwash. You’ll receive expert care and leave with your leather interior the smoothest you’ve ever felt it.


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