Paint Protection

Your vehicle will be protected from:

Colour fading - Bird, bat and possum droppings - Acid rain - Tree sap - Oxidisation - Bug splatter - Road grime build up




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Whether you’ve just purchased a brand new car, or a pre-loved gem, you want to keep it looking as good as it did when you took the keys for the first time. Using a high quality paint protection product can give your exterior the added strength to stop the elements from etching into the surface of the paint, keeping it looking newer, longer.

There are a variety of paint protection products on the market, many aren't much more than a wax coating on the paint - offering little protection.

By harnessing the performance of nano-scale technology to truly bond with the surface, and teaming that with the experience we've gained from washing, cleaning and detailing over five million cars, we can guarantee that our protection coatings work harder, smarter and longer than traditional waxes and polymers.

At Magic we use GTechniq protection products to protect the inside and outside of vehicles. GTechniq forms a sub-micro crystalline film which is harder than automotive paint. This makes the paint protection extremely effective at preventing minor scratching on relatively soft automotive paint.

The Magic exterior protection treatment is guaranteed for three years. If your vehicle requires surface preparation prior to application, we’ll be able to assess this for you and provide a quote. The best time to apply Paint Protection is on a new car or immediately after a Cut & Polish.