What To Do After A Spill In Your Car

Posted on 13 February, 2019 7:47:09


We know hindsight is always 20/20 – but prevention really is the key to avoid a spill leaving lasting damage in the interior of your car. Even though leather and vinyl surfaces may be easier to clean than fabric – for carpets, fabric seats, leather and vinyl, your best option is to have a hydrophobic interior protection product applied. It will create a layer over the surface that will repel liquid and odours, making it a cinch to maintain.


Once your heart has started beating again after watching that spill in slo-mo, try to mop up liquids as quickly as possible. It’s always a good idea to keep some old towels and wipes on hand (again with the hindsight) – they’d be the perfect help to soak up as much of the damage as possible before it starts to settle in to create a stain. Avoid rubbing or wetting the area too much as you may increase the chance of staining. If you do use a damp cloth, dab the area gently and move on to the next tips.



To ensure you don’t end up with a horrible smell lingering around, take your car to your nearest Magic Hand Carwash and ask for either a Superior Service or Interior Detail, depending on how bad the damage is. Both of these services will include a clean of the interior of your car, however, if your spill is more of a spew, or there was dairy involved in your mishap, read on…


Steam Cleaning


Steam cleaning is an excellent way to remove any signs of a spill from your car interior. At Magic Hand Carwash, the Interior Detail includes steam cleaning of seats and carpet so may be exactly what you need to get your car back into tip-top shape – particularly if you have a lingering odour or a stain. Take your car to the Magic team and they’ll work with you on how to make that spill a distant memory.


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