The Lowdown on Wash Club, Richmond’s Exclusive, Unlimited Wash Service

Posted on 27 September, 2018 6:07:00

Welcome to the Wash Club, a Richmond exclusive service and your ticket to a perfectly clean and gleaming car all year ‘round. Devised to offer a safe, low cost car care option for those amongst us who know that a regular wash is the key to a long lasting duco.

Wash Club allows members to access unlimited outside washes in Richmond’s state of the art wash tunnel, resulting in a clean car in a fraction of the time with the same signature Magic care and precision you’ve come to know and trust. Our tunnel system has been specially designed and manufactured using high quality materials to build an innovative wash tunnel that guarantees the safety of your car.

Angle adjustable rocker brushes within the tunnel are designed to match the shape of your vehicle and reach difficult areas such as the lower rocker and wheels. Pivoting high pressure arches deliver an even spray of up to 1000 PSI over the entire vehicle, allowing the tunnel to provide high volume coverage for a thorough foam and soap rinse. Infinite variability to control the sweep, direction and placement of water where needed allows the tunnel to remain efficient and avoid water wastage.


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Attacking dirt on the top of your vehicle, the tunnel’s curtain provides a unique circular motion, simulating hand washing with front-to-back and side-to-side actions all in one motion. With this combination of functions, the tunnel is able to deliver high speed and unrivaled performance. Individual applicators also offer special attention to the tires and undercarriage, for a thorough clean to all areas.

Following a ride through the wash tunnel, our driveway specialists then complete the full Wash Club experience by working their magic to ensure a perfect hand finish every time.

Our car registration recognition technology means that Wash Club members are able to drive straight in for the ultimate clean. This super-fast wash service means you can in be and out in 30 minutes, just enough time to grab a free coffee from our friendly in-store cafe baristas while you wait. Anyone on the daily commute through Hoddle Street will welcome a coffee break along the way, so what better excuse than to kill two birds with one stone and ride away in a fresh feeling car following your pitstop.

We’ve developed Wash Club to make regular washing simple and accessible – and that includes the price – at only $30 a month per car, this means you can be washing your car and picking up a free coffee for 99c a day. Not a bad deal.



As Wash Club members are seen as loyal customers, they’re also eligible for exclusive savings on other Magic services, including Inside & Out and Superior washes, plus additional car care services. From polish to detail, our team will be able to help you restore pride in your ride while getting the very best deal.

To join Wash Club, simply sign up online here. Once you’re a member, just turn up at Richmond and our team will take care of the rest.  

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