Magic Testimonials

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“My careers counsellor at High School approached me about the job at Magic. Other friends from school also work here so it’s been a fun first job!
The hours are really good and my manager is flexible so I can fit in work around my uni commitments.”


 – LIZ

“I had a friend who had just started at Magic – she said it was really fun and enjoyed it so I joined too!
I like doing the hands-on stuff and meeting lots of new people. The team are great – they’re a lot of fun.
I like being outdoors – especially when the weather’s good outside, it’s great and a lot of fun. “


 – MEG

“I don’t really like jobs where you have to sit at a desk, so this is a lot more hands-on and fun for me.”



“This is my first job. I like the team, they’re friendly and fun.
Making cars clean and customers happy, gives me a good feeling.”



“I used to be a Mechanic. I really like doing the detailing jobs, working on the interior leathers is something I really enjoy”



“I’ve been with Magic for about 4 years, it was my first job in Australia and now I’ve been in a Manager role for the last 15 months.”


 – ASH

“Being outdoors is great! I was a PT before working at Magic so I like that the job is really active and involves physical work.”



“I’m always learning new things and have built different skills like being better at attention to detail. “


 – TIM

“I’ve been into cars since I was little so I love all the different cool cars that come in and getting to work on them.”



“I like the fast pace of the work at Magic. I’ve learnt how to manage staff and work with a diverse range of people.”



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