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Dents and scratches are heart-breaking when you love your car. We can repair small area blemishes to take your car from a 7 back to a 10, for a fraction of the cost of traditional repairers. We don’t compromise on quality and all of our work is guaranteed.

If the surface paint is undamaged we can use Paintless Dent Repair, in some cases. If the paint is damaged our technicians will match the paint colour, prepare and fill the surface then blend the colour seamlessly.

There’s no need to leave your car at a panel beater for days on end, simply ask for a quote next time you are getting a wash, make a booking and we’ll need your car for no longer than a day (usually only half).

TIP: As tempting as it is, don’t try to polish down any scratches or pop out dents yourself – this often makes them worse and more timely and costly to repair.


Most people have fallen victim to kerbing or gutter rash– when the kerb or gutter comes out of nowhere as you are parallel parking and scratches the wheels.
Alloy wheels are becoming the standard as they look much smarter than steel. Unfortunately they’re also softer, making them prone to damage from kerbing. Many people are unaware that most alloy wheels are painted, and sometimes some careful preparation and a coat of alloy paint is all that’s needed to bring shallow blemished areas back to their former glory.

If the surface and alloy metal is removed our repair technicians will fill and level the hole and then finish the surface to match the rest of the wheel - a cheaper alternative to replacing the wheel.

Ask the store manager for an assessment on any damaged wheels and they’ll give you a repair quote. Like all of our repair services we aim to have your car for no more than half a day.


Bumpers aren’t really made for bumping, so when those scratches, dents and grazes all get too much we can repair them so your bumper looks like new using a mix of conventional and innovative technology.

As well as minor fills and painting, we can weld plastic bumpers to fix cracks and puncture holes. A technician determines the colour code of your vehicle, preps the area appropriately, spray paints and then lacquers for a flawless finish.
Ask your Magic store manager to assess your bumper and provide a quote for repair. In most cases you’ll need to leave your car with us for around half a day.