Keeping your car clean after a trip to the beach

Posted on 3 October, 2021 15:20:48

The weather is heating up across the country, which means it’s high time for a favourite Aussie pastime: beach trips. These warmer months are prime time to lay on the shore and dip your toes in the waves – however, the salt, sand and sun can take a significant toll on your car if you don’t take proper precautions. Here are our best tips for taking care of your car after a beach trip to keep it in tip top condition.

Before you get there

When you’re preparing for a day at the beach, make sure you’re well prepared to minimise dirt and mess in your car. We recommend lining your boot with a cargo liner. Made from rubber, they’ll protect your boot from retaining all the debris that comes with the beach day territory. You should also consider using all-weather floor mats to catch sand and dirt from the passengers in the car. The raised edges on the floor mats and cargo liner will keep all the mess contained until you can clean them out.

We also advise you to think carefully about how you dress and pack for the day. Opt for rubber thongs over enclosed sandals and fabrics that won’t catch any sand to make for an easier clean up. Pack your belongings in a mesh or woven bag – at the end of the day, you can shake the bag to release all the sand instead of trying to fish out dirt from the corners of your bag.

While you’re there

First thing’s first: don’t forget to put your reflective sun shade up in your windshield before leaving it in the sun all day – this simple trick will keep your car from overheating and protect your interiors from potential sun damage or bleaching. Once you’ve picked the perfect spot on the shore, relax in a beach chair instead of sitting on the sand or on a towel. You won’t have as much sand stick to you this way and it will also save you from scalding your backside on hot sand.

When you decide to have one last dip in the water for the day, assess the water first. Calm water will prevent you from getting out covered in sand and dirt. Before heading home, take advantage of any available beach showers to rinse off – then one last shake of your bags, clothes and yourself might be necessary before jumping back into the car.

When you get home 

Clean your car as soon as you get home. But be careful not to immediately grab the sponge and start scrubbing – rinse off the exterior first. Otherwise, you could end up scrubbing small sand and dirt particles into the paintwork and cause damage. As always, use high quality cleaning products and non-abrasive sponges and towels.


Getting in the habit of taking care of your car on beach days will maximise your vehicle’s value and keep it looking as good as new for longer. Need professional help? Find your closest Magic Hand Carwash location and pay us a visit today.

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