It’s Time To Spring Clean Your Car

Posted on 3 August, 2021 16:15:22

No one likes a dirty car or one that’s got scratches and other blemishes. That’s why it’s so important to book in for regular car detailing. Having a regular interior and exterior detail can help to keep your car in the best possible condition, which will not only make maintenance easier, but it will also help your car retain its value, which will be a huge bonus when it’s time to sell.

How often should I get my car detailed?

It is recommended you get your car detailed a minimum of four times a year. A good way to keep track of when your car needs to be detailed is the changing of the seasons. With spring in the air, now is a great time to book your car in for a detail at your nearest Magic location.

With our detailing services, we take cleaning to a whole new level, we offer full details, mini details, interior details, paint protection and more. Whatever your car needs, we have you covered!

Why should I get my car detailed?

We understand getting your car detailed may seem like a tedious task, so you might be wondering why you need to do it, especially if you keep your car fairly clean. A detailing service goes deeper than a regular at home clean and vacuum. Routine detailing keeps your car in tip top condition, which will make a huge difference when you decide to sell your car to fund an upgrade. Plus, there is nothing better than driving around in a super clean car.

It’s time for a spring clean!

We know winter can hit hard on your car, especially if it’s outside in the elements every day. That’s why your spring detailing is especially important, as it is the perfect time to bring your car into full recovery. We recommend getting your oil changed, fixing any scratches or dents, rotating your tires and giving your car a good clean out.

Experience the Magic difference

Shake off that dirt! It’s time to detail your car, whether you’re selling it to someone new, you’ve just purchased a new used car or your car is just in need of a thorough clean in time for summer, our full detailing service is the best way to go! Our full detail includes:

  • Superior service
  • Paint cleansing treatment
  • Carpets and mats steam cleaned
  • Leather clean and condition (or seats steam cleaned)
  • Under bonnet clean
  • Cut and polish

If a full detail is just a bit too much for what you need, our mini detail is the seamless option for you. Our mini detail service includes:

  • Superior service
  • Paint cleansing treatment
  • Mats steam cleaned
  • Leather clean and condition (or seats steam cleaned)
  • Turtle wax

Sometimes, the inside of your car needs all the TLC. That’s why we offer an interior detailing service, which is especially convenient if you’ve just been away on a road trip, have children in the car, use your car every day for work or have just neglected your car a little too much over the winter. Our interior detailing service includes:

  • Deep clean of the dash
  • Console and door surfaces detailed
  • Carpet and mats steam cleaned
  • Leather clean and condition
  • Seats steam cleaned

Whatever option is best for you, we’ll have your car looking fresh and clean in no time!

Get your car detailed today

Leave it the experts! Give your car some TLC with a spring detailing today. Visit one of our 20 locations or book online. To find your nearest Magic Carwash location, click here.

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