Introducing Atomic Coatings Paint Protection Headlight Restoration

Posted on 16 November, 2018 3:24:44


You’re probably aware that the clear coat that comes standard with your car when it rolls off the factory line isn’t particularly resistant to scratches and environmental elements. In fact, automotive paint is notoriously soft and easily damaged by bumps to the surface, wayward bird droppings and home-washing mishaps.

We’re excited to introduce the most superior Paint Protection on the market. Härte is a clear ceramic coating that acts as a permanent protector over your car’s original paintwork and clear coat. Using nanotechnology, the high-gloss, ceramic coating bonds with the surface to create a hydrophobic shield. Water beads off effortlessly taking dirt and dust with it and the coating is completely resistant to acid rain, tree sap and animal droppings. Your car will also be protected from harsh Australian conditions like sun and salt. With a 10H rating, akin to diamonds on the Mohs hardness scale, there’s no need to worry about swirl marks and superficial scratches as they can be taken care of with ease.

Härte features:

  • 1 Application

  • 5-year warranty

  • Scratch resistant

  • Chemical resistant

  • Permanent hydrophobic surface

  • Unparalleled gloss finish


When your car has been around the block a few times its headlights can start to see the signs of UV damage and discolouration. The hard coat of the headlight casing can start to oxidise, turn yellow over time and develop small cracks called ‘crazing’. This not only looks unpleasant but can also affect the performance of your headlights at night, dulling their brightness and affecting their colour.

Atomic Coatings system Klar can reverse the issue by restoring the surface to its former glory. Klar provides a deep clean and polish to bring the headlight back to new and increase its performance and lifetime.

Klar features:

  • Guaranteed to shine brighter

  • Improved night visibility

  • Increased lifetime of headlights

  • Economical & Environmentally friendly

  • Reverses the effects of oxidation and crazing


Some would say their car isn’t clean until their trims are gleaming and glossy – and we know what they mean. With a high-gloss finish, Glasur will have your pride in your ride at an all-time high. Not only that, it will protect your trims from the harsh rays of the sun and repel dirt and water. Whether your trims are rubber, vinyl or plastic Glasur will provide restoration and preservation, extending lifetime of your trims and protecting from drying, cracking and fading.

Glasur features:

  • 1-Year warranty

  • Ultimate high-gloss

  • Preserve or restore

  • Silicone & petroleum free

  • Anti-ageing compound


To make a booking, register your interest and we’ll be in touch.

Atomic Coatings are now available at the following Magic stores and applied by our Atomic Coatings experts:

Magic Collingwood

– Magic Frankston

– Magic Glen Iris

– Magic Hopping Crossing

– Magic North Melbourne

Magic Richmond

– Magic West Melbourne



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