How to Protect a New Car’s Paint

Posted on 16 September, 2018 23:52:39

When you go all out and buy that swanky new car straight out of the showroom, or the second-hand car in perfect condition that you somehow stumbled across, you suddenly start to worry about every drop of rain, every bird flying over head and every wayward door. We look at how to give yourself that extra peace of mind to ensure your paint stays protected long after you’ve driven out of the car dealership.

If you’ve ever bought a brand new car, you’ll know some of the tricks of the trade. Negotiating for extras to add that extra touch of luxury, maybe a free tank of fuel or alloy rims if you put down a deposit today. You’ve probably also been asked whether you want paint protection. If you’re getting finance through the dealership they have probably kindly asked if you’d like them to work the cost into the final figure. You would have likely been sold on the cannot-live-without benefits of paint protection, and rightly so.


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Paint protection is absolutely a must have when you buy a new car. Along with regular washing and waxing, paint protection is the best way to ensure your paint stays in showroom condition. It protects the paint from colour fading, damage from the acid in bird, bat and possum droppings, stains from acid rain and tree sap, oxidisation, bug splatter and road grime build up. Not to mention it can protect the paint from small scratches and bumps as it creates a much harder surface over typically soft automotive paint. The crux of it is, your car will look newer for longer. There really is no better way to protect a car’s paint.

The problem however is the price. Through a car dealership you may pay into the thousands of dollars for paint protection to be applied. When you’re already paying thousands for a car it may not seem all that bad, but there is definitely an alternative. Magic Hand Carwash use proven paint protection products at a fraction of the price of most car dealerships. With nano-technology that creates a hydrophobic surface over the top layer of paint, your car will repel water droplets and resist droppings and contaminants etching away layers of top coat. At Magic paint protection on a brand new car will set you back around $495, depending on the size of your car. If you’re looking to apply paint protection to a used car you may need to have a paint cleansing treatment or a cut and polish completed first to ensure the paint is in the best condition possible before it is sealed with the paint protection product.

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