How to Make Your Car Stand Out When Selling

Posted on 23 July, 2018 8:24:46

It goes without saying – if you’re hoping to sell your car, it pays for it to be in the best condition possible. Whilst that includes making sure it’s safe to drive and roadworthy, it’s also important to make sure that the interior and exterior are shining bright. If you’re really looking to make your car stand out and get the maximum return on your sale, in the quickest time possible, you might like to opt for a professional car wash and detailing service. Many professional car washes have a whole menu of washing and detailing services to choose from, from a basic wash through to full detailing services. Depending on the condition of your car, you’ll likely need a service that covers the inside and outside of the car to ensure it’s shining like a diamond for the photos you’ll need for your ad.

Even cars in the best condition benefit aesthetically from detailing services like a deep vacuum, good steam clean of carpets, mats and fabric seats, leather treatment of leather surfaces and dusting and polishing of dash and interior trims. Exterior detailing services like a paint cleansing treatment or a wax and polish will make your duco smooth and glossy like its just rolled out of the showroom. If your paintwork is in less than ideal condition you might also consider a cut and polish which will revive dull looking paint by removing superficial scratches which can potentially add significant value to the car. Be warned, you may reconsider selling once your car has been primped and preened to perfection!


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It’s best to pre-plan where you will take photos of your car so you can do it immediately after your car’s makeover is complete. Pick somewhere without too many details in the background at a time of the day where there is not too much glare or too many shadows falling across the car for the best result. In front of a wall or garage door is usually a good option as there is less distraction for the eye. Try turning down the front wheels and taking photos of the car from a low angle for a professional feel. Take photos of the front, back, sides and inside of the car so that prospective buyers can easily see the condition of the different areas of the car. Only pick the best photo from each angle to include in your ad and use the tools native to your mobile phone’s photo app to help with brightness and shadows if required.

Be honest in your description of the car and include the key selling points of the car within the title of the ad to attract the attention of buyers who are scrolling through listings. If you can, keep your car parked out of the weather in a garage or under a carport and regularly keep the exterior clean whilst you’re selling. That way, when prospective buyers come to inspect the car you’ll be sure to make the best impression possible – and be more likely to nail the negotiation when your car looks as good in real life as it did in your ad.

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