How to Keep Crumbs Out of Your Car Seat Crevices and Other Car-Cleaning Challenges

Posted on 9 July, 2019 6:46:55

Dry stains like crumbs and powders can cause a lot of damage to your car’s seats, upholstery, and flooring. Unfortunately, those can also be the hardest types of stains to contain and avoid. Are you struggling to keep crumbs out of your car, especially if you transport kids (and allow them to eat in the car) on a regular basis? Try some of these strategies to help keep your car cleaner and avoid the damage and mess from those dry stains.


1. Use Guards that Slip Into the Gaps

Are there particular areas of your car that are more prone to gathering crumbs than others? Look for guards designed specifically to slide into those gaps. With the right guards, you can slip them straight into the empty area and remove them later, easily wiping them down to remove stains and keep your car looking its best. Make sure to choose guards that are a tight fit for the area.


2. Keep Trash Disposal Options in the Car

If you’ve noticed that your vehicle tends to accumulate trash, especially crumbs, fast, start by acting preemptively to take care of the garbage: keep a garbage bag or an organiser intended just for trash in the car. An organiser gives you (and the kids!) the perfect place to put unwanted food items and other things that could quickly spread crumbs throughout the car. Make sure to clean it out on a regular basis.


3. Have Your Interior Cleaned Regularly

A regular interior clean can go a long way toward keeping those crumbs from transforming from a minor mess into serious damage to your upholstery and carpet. Over time, those crumbs and powders get ground in, making them far more difficult to get out. Regular interior cleaning, on the other hand, can help remove those stains and prevent them from getting out of hand.


Interior Clean


4. Use an Old Toothbrush to Help with Cleanup

Need to handle some quick cleanup on your own after a spill? An old toothbrush is a great way to get down in those cracks and crevices, removing unwanted debris and even scrubbing away small stains.


5. Keep Your Cup Holders Tidy

A silicon baking cup dropped into your car’s cup holders makes it easy to clean up any messes and spills: just scoop out the baking cup to leave your cup holder neat and tidy. Silicon cup holders can go through the dishwasher and go straight back in the car to help clean up the next mess.


6. Don’t Forget the Pet Fur

Keeping pet fur out of your car can be a big challenge, especially if your favourite furry friend likes to ride around with you on a regular basis. A lint roller brushed over the seats on a regular basis can help keep them clean and tidy. If that doesn’t work, try wrapping duct tape backwards around a paint stick, then sliding it into cracks and crevices to help remove pet hair that has literally slid into the cracks.


7. Use a Caddie or Tray for Future Meals

Plastic caddies can sit in your car all the time, then quickly offer a spot to hold fast food meals or snacks. While it won’t prevent all the messes, it can significantly cut down on the mess you’ll make the next time your kids decide to have a snack in the car.

Do you need more help keeping your car neat and tidy? We can help get those deep stains out once and for all. Contact us today to learn more about the importance of regularly cleaning your vehicle–or to schedule an appointment for a detail.


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