A Clean Fleet Is Crucial to Brand’s Image

Posted on 30 April, 2018 6:26:01

When your fleet acts as a moving billboard, what could be more important to your brand’s image than ensuring every vehicle is always shiny and clean? Whether your vehicles are on the freeway or in a backstreet, there is nowhere to hide when vehicles are sporting your logo – your brand is on show for all to see. Even in a logo-less fleet, when your drivers are picking up clients or parking in sight of the person about to sign off that lucrative deal, dirty duco or a grubby interior is not going to leave the impression you’d hoped they’d make.

Fleet managers who oversee hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of vehicles in their fleets face the challenge of coming up with a simple, duplicatable way for drivers to keep their vehicles clean year-round.  Communicating with drivers about the importance of keeping their car clean, how often to clean it and where their vehicles should be cleaned can be challenging – unless there is a centralised way for washes to be tracked, paid and accounted for. There is also the complication of managing payments and reconciling washes against your budget. Even if you have a small squad of cars for your employees rather than a large fleet, staying on top of a cleaning schedule and within your budget can take more time and effort than you have to spare.


Fleet Management

There has to be a better, more efficient way to keep your fleet looking clean and leaving the right impression every time, right? At Magic, we’ve put together the Richmond Wash Club to help solve your challenges, no matter the size of your fleet. We’re experts at keeping corporate fleets clean and we’d be more than happy to help you ease the headache of cleaning yours. Contact us for more information today, and keep your fleet clean without the hassle.

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