Paint Cleansing Treatment


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Whether your car is parked under cover or out on the street, it’s exposed to weather, dirt and pollution. This builds up on your paintwork and can’t be removed by ordinary washing or cleaning. Try lightly brushing the back of your hand across your paintwork, you’ll notice that even a clean car will feel slightly gritty.

Paint cleansing is truly like a facial for your car. Before we apply the treatment we’ll thoroughly wash your car to remove loose dirt and grime. The paint surface is then lubricated and treated with a special clay compound, in the form of a clay bar, which removes embedded dirt and particles. The paint is transformed from gritty to absolutely smooth.

After the treatment is complete we’ll wax and hand polish your car to ensure a superior shine.

TIP: Next time you’re visiting us, ask the store manager to demonstrate paint cleansing on a section of your bonnet or boot. It will show you what cleaned and polished paint should really feel like.