The Top 5 Benefits Of Regular Car Washing

Posted on 10 December, 2020 11:27:50

Without proper care, road dust, rocks, pollen, bird droppings and bugs can all infiltrate your interior or begin to erode your exterior.

While a car wash may not be a top priority at this time of year, putting off your regular clean can have a serious impact on the condition of your vehicle. Let’s explore some of the reasons why you should never ignore the cleanliness of your beloved auto.

Magic Hand Carwash

1. Fending Off Corrosion

Our vehicles spend the majority of their time outside and exposed to the elements. Seasonal rains, hot sun, strong winds and storms can all work to erode the exterior of your car. For many of us, a car is one of the biggest investments that we’ll make, so taking good care of that investment just makes sense. Regular washes can help to extend the life of your vehicle, deter rust and ensure that it remains on the road in top shape.

2. Staying Sanitised

Your car is a high traffic area for germs and bacteria. If you think about it, everything you touch in the outside world ends up on your steering wheel, door handles and radio dials. These days, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your personal space stays hygienic and safe. While maintaining a clean environment in your car may not be top of mind, the benefits of taking a few minutes to clean your car will show over time.

3. A Good Impression

Let’s be honest, if you’ve spent a significant amount of money on your car, you want it looking its best. If you’re cruising through town, picking up a date, or heading home to see the family, a clean car sends an instant message of responsibility. Taking care of your possessions shows others that you’ve got it together and respect your purchases. Show that you have pride in ownership by arriving in a clean car and you’ll be treated to impressed looks all around.

4. Increasing Resale Value

While we certainly don’t recommend it, many people only wash their cars a few times a year. By maintaining your vehicle’s interior and exterior with regular cleaning, you can also maintain or increase its resale. While others with the same make and model might look okay for their age, your car can stand out amongst the pack with a bit of regular upkeep. if the exterior is clean, it also sends a message to a prospective buyer that the interior has been cared for, too.

5. Staying Roadtrip Ready

Don’t ignore the dirt and debris that end up in your engine. A clean car will make long trips more manageable by keeping everything under the hood functioning as it should. Not to mention, your passengers will be a lot more comfortable in a freshly-cleaned interior.

Is Your Car Due For A Clean?

Maintaining the value and cleanliness of your car has countless benefits. If you want a clean car but don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself, Magic Hand Car Wash has a number of cleaning packages to keep our vehicle in great shape. To find your nearest location, view our wash options, or get in touch, check us out here.


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