4 Reasons Why Hand Waxing Is The Right Choice For Your Car

Posted on 1 October, 2019 13:31:57

People often talk about a car being waxed, but if you are not a car enthusiast, you may wonder if you should bother with the whole detailing and waxing process. The answer to that is ‘yes.’ Your car’s exterior gets many benefits from a thorough, professional hand waxing.

1. Protects Your Paint From The Sun

Wax covers your car’s exterior with a sort of armour that keeps many threats to your car at bay. The wax gets between the UV rays and your paint, which will keep the sun from bleaching the colour off your car. The sun’s UV rays can also mix with oxygen to break paint down at the molecular level, and a coat of wax will slow this process down.


2. Protects Your Paint From Scratches

The wax will even protect the cars exteriors from superficial scratches and dents. Gravel flicking against your hood and similar attacks on your car’s paint job are inevitable, and they can leave tiny nicks on the surface that detract from the overall health and appearance of the exterior. A thick coat of wax over the car keeps objects from getting to the paint.


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3. Keeps Rain Off Your Car

Rain water collects whatever is in the air, so it is full of minerals which can affect your paint. For one thing, when the rain evaporates, it leaves behind a white film of minerals on your car, called water spots. If these spots are left in place for a long time, they can start collecting dirt, which becomes harder to wash off. Wax is a type of oil, so it repels water. The rain (or any other water droplets) will simply bead up and fall off your car without coating your paint.


4. Keeps It Looking New

We all like to keep our cars pristine. You don’t have to be a car nut to want it to look as nice to others as it feels to you, and the prettiness inspires people to drive more carefully around it just to avoid ruining something that seems new. Plus, it just feels better to step into a car that looks shiny, and a professional car waxing will give it that fresh-off-the-car-lot look.


Why Hand Wax?

There are machines that people have used to apply that final coat of wax. They come in high-speed rotary and random orbital rotaries, and are distinguished by the direction that the buffers travel. They work by having wax applied to a buffer and then be run over your car’s exterior. There are, however, benefits to doing the job by hand.



Wax is not good for trim and joints, as it will turn those parts white. Doing the waxing by hand ensures that the wax comes up to the very edge of the trim or joint, but doesn’t go over. This means that all of your car’s paint job will be protected without damaging the trim.



It’s a gentle way to apply wax- the person applying it will be able to feel all the contours of your car and visually check for an even coat as they go along. Waxing is the final step in a multi-step detailing process, so you want this step to be as gentle and as carefully done as possible. Hands are always easy on the just-cleaned paint, whereas machines can scratch up the surface if they aren’t used correctly.

If you haven’t had your car detailed in a while, we have you covered. Magic Hand Carwash can give your car the deep cleaning and polishing it deserves. For more information on keeping your car beautiful or scheduling an appointment, contact us.


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